Eden Mill The Guard Bridge
Eden Mill The Guard Bridge
Eden Mill The Guard Bridge

Eden Mill The Guard Bridge

Non Chill Filtered - Natural Colour
Enjoy the taste of creamy vanilla with barley sugar and a cereal sweetness leading to mellow oaky spice and light sherry fruit. The whisky finishes with sherried fruit and light warm gingerbread.
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The Guard Bridge is the New Blended Malt Whisky from Eden Mill - a unique blend of aged single malts including our own Eden Mill St Andrews single malt, expertly selected and married by our Head Distiller, Scott Ferguson.

The name is inspired by the original 15th century six-arched Guard Bridge that connected St Andrews with its old trading port of Guardbridge. Symbolically, a bridge is a connection between one thing and another - by bringing different single malts together, we have created a Blended Malt Scotch Whisky that seamlessly combines the sweet, grassy and floral profile of the Lowlands with the robust, spicy and fruity flavors found in Highland whiskies.

The Guard Bridge joins the North with the South and our Past with our Present.

ABV: 46.0%

Served simply The Guard Bridge Blended Malt Whisky comes to life when mixed with ginger

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Strawberry and Whisky? 100% of our team loved this mix

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It's like foam bananas but a bit more grown up. Sophisticated nostalgia

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“Our Blended Malt features the delicate, grassy and floral flavour characteristics of the Lowland single malts, combined with the robust, barley-sweet and dried fruit notes of the Highland single malts, to create a whisky that showcases the best of both regions. 

“This Blended Malt contains at least ten single malts from across Scotland – one of which has been aged for over eight years – blended and married together and finished in ex-Eden Mill single malt casks to create an exciting, versatile new whisky of which we are incredibly proud.” 

SCOTT FERGUSON | eden mill master distiller


Toasted Oak and Creamy Vanilla with Lively Spice and Grassy Floral Violet Notes. Hint of Madeira Sponge


Sweet Vanilla and Barley Sugar with Cereal Sweetness leading to Mellow Oaky Spice and Light Sherry Fruit

the finish

Lingering Mixed Sherried Fruit notes with a gentle oak leading to Warm Gingerbread Spice
The Guard Bridge Blended Malt Whisky was matured in a range of casks from Virgin American Oak and Bourbon First Fill as well as PX and Oloroso Sherry Casks. What makes this Blended Malt unique is that after a period of time we married the whisky in Ex Eden Mill Single Malt casks to bring an inimitable flavour profile to the whisky.
We pride ourselves on our attention to the detail and understand that when it comes to whisky it's those details that mean the most. Such as ensuring the colour is a rich warm copper, acheived through the maturation period, and not through chill filtering or adding colour. We can proudly say that all our whisky is non chill filtered and natural in colour.
There is nothing more frustrating than having bottles and packaging that you have to send to landfill due to fancy printings and added plastics. The Guard Bridge bottle and box are both able to be recycled as they are! No need to remove labels or films from the box and all our packaging is sourced as locally as possible to reduce the impact caused by shipping from factory.

history in its making

Made in part using single malt from Eden Mill, on the banks of the estuary and married in ex Eden Mill casks, The Guard Bridge is a fitting name for a blended whisky created with the spirit of the area in mind and influenced by the flavours crafted there.