bringing the tradition of distilling back to st andrews

eden mill - our story


Established on the banks of the Eden Estuary near St Andrews, Eden Mill revived the lost art of distilling in this iconic town after a 150-year hiatus.

From here, we began distilling our Scottish Coastal Gin range using local botanicals where possible and championing the flavors of the region. Our Single Malt distillation started in 2014, and we have a distinctive house style that brings together the best of the Lowland and Highland regions.

After starting out as a small, local business, our spirits are now available in multiple countries all over the world but we remain independently-owned.


Our distillery can be found on the University of St Andrews Eden Campus. This is a site that is rich in history - in 1855 there was a distillery here, which then became a paper mill in 1894 that remained in operation until 2008. The old building still stands today and gave us inspiration for our name!

The Eden Campus is a space dedicated renewable technologies, innovation and sustainable research. At Eden Mill, we work closely with the University to ensure our new distillery is being built in a way that is as sustainable as possible - an ethos that runs through our whole team.


Set to become operational in the second half of 2024, our new distillery will feature some interesting and exciting sustainable initiatives.

Firstly, our gin still will be powered by energy from the University's solar farm. In the event energy can't come from the farm, it will be taken from renewable tariffs on the grid. Secondly, we will be capturing all the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation. In many distilleries, this is a waste product but ours will be able to be reused by the University. Thirdly, we are working with a local company called MiAlgae who will take away our process effluent and transform it into sustainable Omega-3.

There is a lot more to share in our sustainability journey and we will continue to share stories as our build progresses!


our gins

Eden Mill is located in the Kingdom of Fife, a region situated on Scotland's East Coast. An area known for its stunning coastline of cliffs and rolling hills, its landscape is diverse and is home to a range of flora and fauna.

We took inspiration from our beautiful local area to craft the taste profiles of our gins. Each one contains botanicals that we have sourced from around our distillery and we are proud to bring the spirit and flavor of St Andrews to the world.

first bottling in 2018


Although we are officially classed as a Lowland whisky, we are very close to the border with the Highlands. As a result, our Head Distiller, Scott Ferguson, lovingly describes us as a "Lowland whisky with a Highland heart"!

The Kingdom of Fife is gradually becoming more and more recognized as a whisky region in its own right, with many tourists putting it on their map when they come to visit distilleries in Scotland.

We look forward to opening the doors of our new home very soon and inviting you to explore our craft and - most importantly - taste our delicious single malt.

Our New Home


Eden Mill St Andrews

In June 2023, we took ownership of the building that will become our new distillery and visitor centre.

Since then, we have completed the first phase of our build - the heavy construction phase - which saw the installation of the steel frame that will hold our new visitor centre.

The second phase will be the fit-out of the distillery kit. All the equipment we need to continue distilling our gins and single malt will be installed, from the mill to the copper stills, allowing us to become operational later on in 2024.

The third and final phase is the completion of our visitor centre, providing a bright and beautiful space for guests to walk into that will be complete with a shop, cafe and a stunning bar on the top floor looking out over the waters of the Eden Estuary towards St Andrews.


While the doors of our new distillery won't open to the public until Spring 2025, we would still love to welcome you if you are planning a trip to Scotland before then.

In St Andrews, you can enjoy our gin and whisky experiential pop-up in the renowned Old Course Hotel which will be available for booking soon. You could also head down to The Bothy next to our new distillery to find out more about us and our plans from our Whisky Brand Ambassador, Euan.

Alternatively, if you are going to Edinburgh, we run fun and interactive mixology sessions featuring two of our favorite products - Love Gin and The Guard Bridge Blended Malt Scotch Whisky. These run throughout the week and can be booked on our website or through other platforms such as TripAdvisor.