Golf Gin
Golf Gin
Bottle of Golf Gin on wooden board from above with two gin and tonic drinks and bowl of berries
Bottle of Golf Gin with Glass of gin and tonic to the side of bottle garnished with blackberries
Golf Gin

Golf Gin


Nose: Hints of Juniper in a forest of lavender and spruce trees. There is a slight tang of the sea that underlies it.

Taste: The juniper dominates as it should but there is a sweetness from the gorse to it that makes sure it isn't overpowering. The heather and lavender add a floral note while the spruce and coriander provide a distinct peppery finish.

Finish: A distinct peppery finish

42% ABV/VOL / 700ml
The Perfect serve


Golf Gin is best enjoyed with a premium tonic and a blackberry and mint garnish.

0.85 fl oz Golf Gin

1.69 fl oz Premium Tonic Water

Handful of fresh blackberries and mint

Lots of Ice!

inspired by the coastal courses of st andrews




the story of

golf gin

Did you know that local legend has it that it was actually sheep that created the bunkers on golf courses?

They dug out holes on St. Andrews Links to protect themselves from the harsh wind sweeping in from the sea - inadvertently leading to a staple of any golf course around the world.

Our Golf Gin illustration also includes a room key with the number 269 engraved... Did you know World-renowned golfer Tiger Woods will only stay in room 269 at The Old Course Hotel when he stays in St Andrews?

The reason being that 269 was the number of strokes it took him to win his first Open Championship in St Andrews back in 2000.