Gin Range

Gin Range

      Elevate your gin appreciation with the remarkable Eden Mill Gin Collection and Taste the Spirit of St. Andrews in every sip.
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      Bringing together the best that exclusive premium gins Scotland has to offer. At Eden Mill, we pride ourselves on creating only the finest unique bottles of gin. With an extensive selection to choose from you'll find exclusive gins in this range that are perfect for any occasion or social event. Crafted by our passionate team and based on unique botanicals and flavours from Scotland, discover how an Eden Mill gin is unlike any other.


      The Premium Gin Range is a manifestation of Eden Mill's love of experimentation in exclusive premium gin development. We have created a variety of high-quality, premium gin expressions to suit every palate by fusing local gin botanicals found locally with ideas and influences from around the globe.
      The Premium Gin Range from Eden Mill combines the finest of the old and new St. Andrews has to offer. We urge you to check out our selection of quality premium gins from Eden Mill today, each of which has an own story to tell.


      Eden Mill’s Heritage Gin Range is inspired by the provenance of our home in St. Andrews. These signature premium heritage gins emanate what Eden Mill stands for, by combining tradition with our contemporary, pioneering spirit. Our expert team has carefully created our Heritage Gin range using locally sourced ingredients, combined with inspiration from our provenance and innovative distilling techniques.


      At Eden Mill, we like experimenting with various flavours and sourcing ideas for our gin liqueurs from all over the world.  The idea for our Love Gin Liqueurs came from recent recollections of summers past, which included hazy memories of vacations, warm picnics, and sweets. Our gin liqueur infusions are expertly made with natural flavourings, gins, and other quality components. 


      Ramsay's Gin Recipe No.1 is the result of an innovative partnership between Eden Mill St. Andrews and Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay's Gin is a deliciously creative take on a traditional London Dry Gin. This exclusive collaboration gin was inspired by the rivers, lochs, and landscape of Scotland as well as a shared goal to source products responsibly.


      The limited edition exclusive gin "Wildcard" was created especially for tennis lovers and is being introduced to the market by Eden Mill in advance of the 2022 Summer of Tennis.This exclusive summer gin provides all the best flavours of summer as it has been infused with locally produced Scottish strawberries and raspberries.